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As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, Singapore will be exiting the Circuit Breaker when it ends on 1 June 2020, and businesses will be allowed to resume activities in a phased manner from 2 June 2020.

If your business is permitted to resume on-site operations on 2 June 2020, you are required to declare your manpower details using the “Permissions and Manpower Declaration” link at https://covid.gobusiness.gov.sg within 2 weeks of resuming operations


Before you resume on-site operations, it is essential for your business to implement the Requirements for Safe Management Measures (SMM) at Workplaces and comply with sector-specific advisories and requirements for your sector.  These requirements are necessary for business activities to resume safety and to protect you and your employees and minimise risks of further outbreaks. These measures must be implemented in a sustainable manner for as long as necessary




如果您的企业不清楚或不知道如何在您的工作场所实施人力部安全管理措施(SMM),还是向有关当局申请恢复职场的运作,不用担心,SEP 有专业人员能协助您和您的企业。马上以我们联络,以了解更多质询。


The organization must appoint Safe Management Officer(s) (SMO) to assist in implementation of Safe Management Measures (SMM), thus ensuring COVID-19 safe workplaces through

  1. Provision of Safe Workforce
  2. Provision of Safe Workplace
  3. Taking care to for those who may become unwell at your workplaces.
  4. Provision of Safe Accommodation & Transport (Construction & Renovation sectors)

Do not worry your organization is not ready, SEP will be able to assist your organisation in implementing and comply to the MOM Safe Management Measures (SMM)& sector-specific advisories and requirements for your sector by providing below services

  • Establish the MOM Safe Management Measures (SMM) Plan based on your organisation operation
  • Develop a detailed monitoring plan to ensure compliance with Safe Management Measures and timely resolution of outstanding issues
  • Develop the SMM inspection checklist to be used by the SMO during his inspection
  • Develop Risk Assessment to identify the potential hazards and the necessary control measures for COVID-19
  • Train the appointed SMO so that he/she will have the competency level to fulfil their required duties.
  • Established procedures for managing unwell, suspected and confirmed cases at the workplaces

SEP also provide other services such as

  1. Briefing to your workforce to raise their awareness and understanding the requirement of the Safe Management Measures
  2. Coordinate and arrange for disinfection team to clean the workplaces and many more others

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